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HydroShield Rochester

HydroShield Rochester

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About Us

Protect your home surfaces from everyday accidents. With HydroShield Rochester, you can rest assured that the glass, tile, grout, natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain in your home are protected! Our coating not only makes cleaning 75% easier, but doesn't need to be applied every year like traditional sealants. If any issues arise with your surface, give us a call! We will be out quickly and resolve any issue, no questions asked. Whether you have an older surface that needs restoring or a new house you want protected from the start, call HydroShield Rochester!

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Glass Shower Door Protection Before
Glass Shower Door Protection After
Full Shower Grout and Tile Protection Before
Full Shower Grout and Tile Protection After
Shower Glass Door Protection Before
Shower Glass Door Protection After
Layered soap scum and hard water Before
Layered soap scum and hard water After
Grout Color Seal Before
Grout Color Seal After
Shower Grout Color Seal Before
Shower Grout Color Seal After

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